The menù of restaurant l’Esagono

Raw Seafood

Langoustines, prawns, fish carpaccio, oysters, and exotic fruit

Thinly sliced mullet dressed with radish and Selargius caper sauce

Sardinian oysters, raw langoustines, and raw prawns


Tuna tartar on myrtle flavoured oil with “pappa al pomodoro”

Semolina octopus on shallot cream an abbamele honey

Sardinian mussel alla marinara (garlic parsley and lemon zest)

Sardinian platter of cured meats and cheeses: sheep’sham, myrtle flavoured sausage, bacon, kid rennet cheese

Emmer an soya beans salad, beetroot cream and pumprin oil 

Tomato, primo sale cheese and basil.

First courses

Black “culurgiones” filled with the
sea, confit tomato , purple shrimp and salicornia

Bronze-drawn spaghetti
with our Sardinian Queen, clams and bottarga

Fregola typical pasta from Oristano served with seafood hot sauce (shell fish, prawns, mussels and clams)

Green tagliolini with pecorino cheese and pepper, served with raw red prawns, thyme and summer truffle

“Maccarrones de Busa” typical pasta with lamb ragù

Redwild Sardinian rice with basil cream and
goat cheesecream

Main courses

Lobster “Catalana” with Tropea onion, tomato , and mango puree

Mix of fried squid, prawns, and octopus

Seared tuna served on a black
bread crust, accompanied by stracciatella cheese and crispy bacon

Fresh catch of the day

Crispy pork cube with potatoes cream and green sauce

Sliced Sardinian beef on wild rocket and pecorino cheese

Ourbergine steak on bread crust (gluten free) fresh tomato and stracciatella cheese

Side dish

Field salad with misticanza and datterino tomato

Fennel, oranges, mint, fennel oil and sesame seeds

Homemade frieds potatoes

The vegetables stir-fry oil, rosemary, salt and pepper


Tiramisù with Fonni biscuit and chocolate

Fried pastry stuffed with ricotta, orange zest and asphodel honey

Papassina crumbled served with chantilly cream aromatized with vermouth

Creamy with mango, passion fruit, mint and alchechengi

Strawberry bowl with lemon and mint sorbet